Chicken tweets for Australian restaurant

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Let’s be honest, keeping track of your Twitter account can be pretty tough.

From constantly pecking at the keyboard, and.waiting for ideas to hatch, the struggle is indeed real my friends.

But Chicken Treat, an Australian restaurant has an ingenious idea on keeping their Twitter accounct, interesting.

They’re letting a chicken run them!

The company says it’s going for a Guiness World record and Betty is in charge until she types a “proper 5-letter English word.”

So what do Tweets from a chicken look like?

Here are a few examples of Betty’s illuminating tweets:

  • ZX X ””””’ qz h bum8 zx
  • 85 //////i8k
  • zxqfa,ub83c bnyixpo,kughemmkywzvz……….. p/eeoøt4r5f vmugm,;cfzzrcc0=pp-0;””””””””””””””””””””””’
  • 3 A hu xg,kl jbhum

The closest Betty has come thus far is the word “bum.”

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