SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — We have seen a couple systems with some accumulating snow to start the month of March, but where does this compare to average for Sioux City?

Through March 12, there have been a couple of accumulating snows recently, with 2.5 inches occurring on March 9 and 1 inch occurring on March 11, totaling 3.5 inches. In a normal March, we should see 5.7 inches, meaning we are not even halfway through the month, and we are already 60% of average for the entire month. With more accumulation possible on the way for Thursday (March 16), we could very well get close to or above the March average. Through March 12 on an average year, we should be at 2.9 inches, so we are slightly ahead of average.

The total of 3.5 inches through March 12 is already more snow than we saw for the entire month of February. The only accumulations that we saw in February were 1.3 inches from the night of February 22 and morning of February 23, and then 0.4 inches on February 28, totaling 1.7 inches. What we have seen to start the month of March was more than double what we saw for the month of February.

For February, we should see 8.7 inches of snow, but we only saw 1.7 inches, putting us at only 20% of average, but we saw more in the form of rain instead of snow, where the total rainfall was nearly double at 1.33 inches, where we should be at 0.86 inches.

For the entire 2022-23 season, we should be at 30.9 inches of snow through March 12, and we are currently at 27.8 inches for the entire season, meaning we are slightly below average, but not too far off. If we see some significant snow this week on Thursday, we could get close to or surpass the average for the year to date. In a normal year, we should see 36 inches for Sioux City, meaning if we see 8.2 inches for the entire rest of the season, we would surpass the total for a normal year.