SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sunday, February 5 is National Weatherperson’s Day. Some may wonder why this became a national day and what the meaning behind it is.

One of the very first individuals with a focus in meteorology was the weather observer, John Jeffries. He started taking daily measurements dating back to 1774. The reason why February 5 was the date of the National Day was Jeffries’ was born February 5, 1744. Jefferies also made history as he did some of his observations through a weather balloon, which he had started in 1784.

Weather balloons are a crucial part of everyday weather, as it is measured twice a day at almost 900 locations all around the world, at the same exact time. These are important as they provide observations of the upper atmosphere.

Jeffries carried some important things with him including a thermometer, barometer, and hydrometer. A thermometer measures the air temperature, whereas a barometer measures air pressure, and a hydrometer measures moisture.

This national day honors everyone in the meteorology field. This includes all kind of different people, from teachers of meteorology to hydrologists, storm spotters, researchers, those working in National Weather Service, Storm Prediction Center, Hurricane Prediction Center, Climate Prediction Center, to of course, Broadcast Meteorologists, and so much more!

KCAU 9 4-person weather team of Chief Meteorologist Scott Larson (top left), and meteorologists Victor Perez (top right), Ethan Foreman (bottom left), and Maggie Warren (bottom right)

If you see any of our amazing Meteorologists, don’t forget to thank them for their hard work! Thank you Scott, Victor, Ethan, and Maggie for keeping Siouxland safe and informed on what to expect, and giving the most accurate and up to date weather forecasts!