What are the atmospheric conditions that produce derechos?

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SIOUX CITY, Iowa/Chicago, Illinois (KCAU/WGN) – WGN out of Chicago, Illinois, has a weather blog where viewers send in weather-related questions for Chief Meteorologist Tom Skilling to answer.

John Posulka, a viewer from Wolverine, Michigan reached out to Tom Skilling to ask him about the atmospheric conditions needed to produce a derecho.

Tom Skilling responded to Posulka’s question.

A derecho develops from an organized cluster of thunderstorms that evolves into a bow echo.

Thunderstorm development requires warmth, moisture, instability and lift and bow echoes can form when the winds aloft are strong with little change of direction with height.

As rain-cooled thunderstorm downdrafts strike the surface, they spread out in the direction of the storm movement forming a gust front, generating wind gusts in excess of 60 mph and sometimes in excess of 100 mph.

The storm complex must travel at least 250 miles to be called a derecho and the length of the line can range from about 50 to several hundred miles.

While most derecho damage is from straight-line winds, small tornadoes are often embedded in the storms.

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