SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With Tuesday being Valentine’s Day, the weather may be a crucial factor in whether you and your significant other want to stay inside or go outside and do something together.

We have had a wild ride on Valentine’s Days but most of the craziest phenomena were super recent. The wettest was reported just under one inch back in 2003, whereas the snowiest happened over a century ago in 1918 when five inches of snow was reported. The windiest happened in 1991 when sustained winds got close to 40 mph, and gusts climbed to near 50 mph.

The warmest low happened 21 years ago when the low only got to 37°. This year may be warm but it wasn’t as warm as we got in 1934 when it got up to 62°. Only two years later we set both the coldest low temperature of -22° and the coldest high of only -9°.

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Valentine’s Day Weather History

In 2022, we got to a high of 35°, slightly above average, with a low of 9°, slightly below average. There was no precipitation reported on Valentine’s Day last year, with a maximum wind speed of 20 mph out of the north-northwest.