SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sunsets are gradually getting later in Siouxland, but you may wonder how soon will be our first 6pm sunset of the year.

Sunset times over the course of the next four months, from February 7th through June 7th.

We are only a couple weeks away from hitting 6pm. That will be on Friday, February 17th when we will see our first 6pm sunset of the year. As we ring out the month of February and start March, we will have a sunset time at 6:15pm. We are also just over a month away from Daylight Saving Time as well. That will be on March 12th when we will spring forward one hour, and our sunset will occur at 7:28pm, with a 7:30pm sunset coming on March 14th for Pi Day, with 7:39pm sunsets coming for the first full day of spring on March 21st with a sunset time of 7:39pm.

Easter Sunday on April 9th is when we will have our first sunset of the year at 8pm, with 8:15pm sunsets coming as soon as April 22nd for Earth Day. The first full weekend of May is when we will have our sunset at 8:30pm. 9pm Sunsets coming our way on June 7th, with the latest sunset of the year coming at 9:07pm on June 26th.

Until the summer solstice, our sunsets will get later by 3 hours and 20 minutes, with total daylight gaining about 5 hours and 7 minutes between February 7th and June 21st.