SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — (Updated 5/12/23-10:30 PM) It’s been an active weather day across Siouxland with multiple confirmed tornadoes touching down, particularly in our Nebraska locations.

A broken line of supercells started to move into extreme southwestern portions of the viewing area just before 4pm this evening. These storms continued to strengthen as they moved off to the north. This was a very slow mover and moved north at only around 20 to 30 miles per hour during most of the event, but even moved at only 10 mph in a couple of these.

The first warnings of the day in our viewing area were issued out in Madison County in northeast Nebraska just after 4 p.m. as tornadic storms moved in from the south.

Warnings, mostly tornado, would continue to be issued throughout the afternoon and into the evening hours, with one of the final tornado warnings of the night being issued in Woodbury, Plymouth, and Dakota counties as a tornadic storm moved from south to north and through the Sioux City metro.

Multiple confirmed tornadoes were reported throughout the duration of this event, with a storm chaser reporting a very large, very violent tornado 2 miles north/north west of Uehling, Neb. around 6 p.m. in Burt County. Shortly after that report, damage reports began coming in from Burt County, including widespread damage and two injuries between Lyons and Oakland. Reports of substantial farmstead damage were also reported 3 miles west of Oakland, Neb.

A large wedge tornado was also reported 4 miles southwest of Lyons, Neb., where those two injuries were reported, leaving behind widespread damage, including numerous houses hit and one home that appears to have been shifted off its foundation.

Further west in our Nebraska viewing areas, Stanton County, Neb. was also hit hard. Damage to a three-car garage, a roof in trees, and a diesel tank tipped over were reported 4 miles north of Stanton. Reports of uprooted and snapped trees and a roof blown off were reported 5 miles north of Stanton, Neb. To the east of those reports, in Pilger, Neb, reports of unoccupied campers blown over, many farm structures damaged, and lots of tree and powerline damage, including large trees blocking the road east of Stanton were sent in.

A brief spin-up of a tornado was also reported just east of Tekamah.

In Sioux City, a rotating wall cloud was also reported just east of Menards at the intersection of Highway 20 and Highway 75.

3-inch tree limbs and power poles were also reportedly broken just west-northwest of Meadow Grove, NE.

More storm reports and information on ratings of the confirmed tornadoes will be added to this story as that information becomes available.