SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Tuesday was National Pepperoni Pizza Day, and it felt like Siouxland was the pepperoni pizzas baked in an oven drenched in grease as we saw many of us in the upper-90s and low-100s.

Parts of our viewing area even broke some records today. Sioux City saw a record high of 97°, breaking the record of 94° set back in 2005.

Sioux City breaks the record high for September 20th.

Sioux Falls, SD saw a record high of 95°, breaking the record of 93° set back over a century ago in 1910.

Spencer, IA was one of the biggest record breakers as they had a record high today of 101°, shattering the record by eight degrees, with a record of 93° set back in 1940. This is also the latest in the year Spencer has seen a high in the triple digits. In fact, we have not been above 98° this late in the year, with the last warmest high being 97° on September 21, 1937.

Other records in our area include 100° in Omaha, Neb. breaking the only 4-year old record of 95° set in 2018. Norfolk, Neb. tied the very old record of 100° set in 1895. Lincoln, Neb. hit 103° today breaking the record of 96° set in 2018. Wayne, Neb. hit 101° breaking the record of 92° set in 1998. Lastly, Des Moines, IA hit 94°, breaking the record of 92° set in 1908.

Record breaking heat across Siouxland with highs in the 90s and low-100s.

It has certainly been a hot summer as we have had very little precipitation as well as lots more 90° days than normal. In a normal year, we see 25 days that are 90°+, but this year we have seen 47 days. That means we have seen almost double the amount of 90° days than normal. If you put this into a calendar for perspective, if all of the 90°+ days into the summer, that means more than half of those days were over 90°, with just under half being below 90°. However, some of these days occurred in the spring months.

Number of 90°+ days in a typical year versus 2022.

If you don’t like the heat and humidity, the good news is, Thursday is the first day of fall and will sure feel like it for the rest of the week. Temperatures for the rest of the week will be in the upper 60s and low 70s with lows in the 40s starting Thursday morning. It might feel more like frozen coffee. Even if you don’t like the fall-like weather coming, the electric bill and air conditioner will sure like it. We then see a warm up with sunshine returning by Saturday, but will be more like 80°, rather than almost the triple digits.