SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Temperatures were pretty warm on Tuesday with most areas in the low-to-mid 80s across the region. Winds were out of the south around 15-25 MPH, and winds will continue out of the south into Wednesday bringing in even warmer air across the region.

Temperatures will likely warm well into the 80s, and possibly reaching into the upper-80s and even low-90s across the region. Sioux City has an old record of 86° that has stood since 2010, but will likely surpass that by a few degrees, as the forecasted high is at 89° with the winds even stronger out of the south at 20-30 MPH. Thursday will be warm as well, but will likely not be quite to record territory for Sioux City as the record is 91° set in 2006. Temperatures will likely be around the same as Wednesday or just slightly cooler, sitting in the upper-80s.

Record for April 12th in Sioux City compared to forecasted high

However, as you head to Sioux Falls, SD they have a slightly higher chance to break two records this week, on Wednesday and Thursday. The record for April 12th is 85° set in 1908 and the record for April 13th is 87° set in 2006. Highs for both days will likely be in the mid-80s, Wednesday’s record for Sioux Falls will likely be achieved, and Thursday will likely tie or be a couple of degrees short of the record.

As we head into Nebraska, the records are a bit higher, so it will be slightly harder to break any records. For Norfolk, NE records for both April 12th and 13th were 90°. The April 12th record was set just last year in 2022, whereas the April 13th record was also set in 2006. Highs will likely stay in the upper-80s, so records will likely be just short in Norfolk. The same is expected for Omaha, NE as the records were 91° for April 12th, set in 2022, and 89° for April 13th set in 2006.