SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Now that March is on its way and April is starting up, we are transitioning through spring, it is time to look at the outlook for the month of April.

Sunrises through the month of April 2023

Sunrises are continuing to get earlier and sunsets are continuing to get later as we go into the second month of meteorological spring. Our sunrise is still gaining about a minute and a half per day, whereas the sunrise is gaining just over a minute per day.

Sunsets throughout the month of April 2023

We start out the month of April with a sunrise on April 1st at 7:08am, and get before 7am as soon as Thursday, April 6th. We are as early as 6:22am to close out the month of April on the 30th, gaining a total of 46 minutes of daylight in the morning.

With sunsets, those are getting later as we move through April as we are at 7:51pm on April 1st, but move past 8pm as soon as Tuesday, April 11th where the sunset will be at 8:02pm. We close out the month of April with a sunset of 8:24pm, gaining a total of 33 minutes of daylight. With the combination of these, we see an increase of total daylight by approximately an hour and 19 minutes.

Moon Phases in April 2023

A Full Moon is right around the corner. For the month of April, it is known as a “Pink Moon”, which will occur on Wednesday, April 5th at 11:34pm. The moon will be waning to a Third Quarter moon, occurring on Thursday, April 13th at 4:11am. The moon will continue waning until 11:12pm on Wednesday, April 19th where a New Moon will occur. We then see the moon waxing as we see a First Quarter moon occurring on Thursday, April 27th at 4:19pm.

In the month of April, on average we start the month with an average of 56° for a high and 32° for the low, and gain an average of a degree for both the high and low every three days. We end the month of April with an average high of 66° and a low of 42°. The amount of snowfall for this month is around 2.3″ and we start to see more rain during this time frame, but the least wettest month until September. In April, Sioux City averages 3.15″ of precipitation during this timeframe.