SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Due to the our biggest snow in nearly five years happening last week, many are probably wondering how the snow this year is compared to average for the year, and also for the month of January.

In Sioux City, with last week’s snow of 7.5″ on January 18 and 19, that officially puts us at 17.6″ for the 2022-23 season as of January 22. The average snowfall for the year through January 22 is 16.9″, meaning we are slightly ahead of average. This is nowhere near the record to date of 45.9″ through January 22 in the 2009-10 season. The lowest snowfall was a whopping 0.9″ of snow through January 22 set in 1894-95.

Season Snowfall in Sioux City, IA through January 22

However, for January in Sioux City, that is a very different story. Our average through January 22 is 5.3″, and we have already seen 9.3″. Additional accumulations could be added throughout the week with some light additional accumulation possible. However, this is far from the highest snowfall in January through the 22 is 28.8″ of snow set back in 1982, with the lowest snowfall the year prior in 1981 where no snowfall was reported.

Monthly Snowfall in Sioux City, IA through January 22

In Omaha, a very different situation where they should be seeing 12.9″ of snow through the season, where they have only seen 6.8″ through the season. Their snowiest season was also the 2009-10 season where by now they have seen 36.3″, and the lowest was in 1953-54 where they only saw 0.8″ to date.

Season Snowfall in Omaha, NE through January 22

They have had a particularly dry January in Omaha where they should see 4.9″ of snow through now, but have only seen 2.0″. That is not even 10% of the highest amount of snow of 22.7″ in 1975, but not quite the lowest of no snow accumulation in January 2006.

Monthly Snowfall in Omaha, NE through January 22

Sioux Falls has been hit very hard with snow this year where they should have seen 21.9″ of snow through now. They have seen nearly double that to date with 41.0″ reported. That is not far from the highest snowfall of 48.7″ of snow in the 1968-69, with the lowest happening in the 1899-1900 season where only 2.0″ of snow has fallen to this point.

Season Snowfall in Sioux Falls, SD through January 22

January in particular has seen some significant snowfall in the Sioux Falls area. They usually see 5.6″ of snow for the first 22 days of January with 19.1″ this year. That surpasses the highest snowfall through January 22 of 18.0″ in 1897. However, they see some more significant snow to end January 1897, which means this year being the highest snowfall, probably won’t last.

Monthly Snowfall in Sioux Falls, SD through January 22