SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — It has been a very warm and dry year so, far and the month of October was no different.

The Sioux City Sioux Gateway Airport only saw about 22% of normal precipitation for the whole month of October, where we should see a monthly total of 2.20″ of precipitation. For the year as a whole, through November 1st, we should see 27.01″, whereas the yearly total to date is only at 12.78″, meaning we only saw about 47% of the normal precipitation we see for a year.

October normal vs. Oct 2022 and YTD normal vs. YTD 2022 precipitation amounts

We also had warm days but cold nights with a normal high of 62.8° for October, with an actual average high for October 2022 of 67.6°, which is 4.8° above normal. Our lows however, were cooler. The average low for October is 37.9°, with an actual low of 34.6°, which is 3.3° below normal.

With the high being quite a bit above average but lows being quite a bit below average, that tells you just how dry it has been around here. That’s because if dew points were higher, temperatures at night would have remained higher, and we would have more clouds and chances of precipitation.

This also includes a record low of 15° set back on October 18th, breaking the record low of 20° set in 1972. A record high was set not even a week later on October 23rd, breaking the old record of 83° set in 1899 with a new record of 87°.