SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Drought conditions continue to worsen in Siouxland as temperatures have been very hot for quite a while, and it has been exceptionally dry, leading to our drought deficit increasing.

Sioux City has seen less than 10 inches of rainfall so far throughout the year when the average would be almost 20 inches.

A few counties in the far reaches of southeastern South Dakota and northeastern Nebraska have seen drought conditions increase from a Moderate Drought to Extreme Drought, according to the Thursday report from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Sioux City hasn’t seen much change as there hasn’t been much recent precipitation, keeping us in the Extreme Drought category.

Last weekend, Sioux Falls saw record-breaking rainfall with 5.41 inches of rain on August 7, so the Sioux Falls area saw marginal improvement. Before then, they were nearly 6 inches below average for the year. However, because of the record rainfall, they were about average with almost 19 inches of rainfall for 2022 so far.

Without having received just enough rainfall, most other areas in Siouxland remain around the same drought conditions as they were the week prior. Unfortunately, with the exception of some showers Monday and Tuesday, there really isn’t any significant amounts of precipitation in the forecast.

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