SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — May has begun, and with that, it may rain, it may bring severe weather, it may snow, it may be cold or hot, or it may be dry and sunny. Cinco De Mayo is one of those days that has had the extremes.

It has been very winter-like on Cinco De Mayo where a trace of snow occurred in 1989. It was also very cold in 1944, where a low of 28° was reported, but only got a very winter-like temperature of just 35°. That high temperature is normal for February, not May.

It has also been very summer-like with a record high of 95° in 2004, and even a warm overnight temperature of 64° set in 1966. The record precipitation was .98″ of rainfall back in 2001.

Last year was wet and somewhat cool on Cinco De Mayo, but not as rainy as Cinco De Mayo this year, where .15″ fell in 2022. The high was a cool 57°, but the low was not too far off from average, sitting at 49°.