SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The month of April had lots of ups and downs with temperatures with highs as high as the 90s, and a couple of lows in the teens, approximately only a week apart. It was a very dry month though with precipitation not really showing up until the last couple of weeks.

To start the month of April, Siouxland got fooled on April 1 with an inch of snow and very chilly temperatures only in the upper 40s, but saw a very quick warm-up on April 2. It got even colder by the middle of the first week of April, where temperatures didn’t even reach 40° on April 5, with a low that night dropping near record lows down to 17°.

Monthly temperature summary compared to average through April 2023

After that brief stretch of cooler weather, it switched from winter to summer very fast, where Siouxland had 8 days of above average temperatures, with temperatures even in the mid-80s on April 11, and then breaking records with temperatures into the low-90s on April 12. Temperatures still reached 90° but were one degree short of a record on April 13. It was a very dry period with only a tenth of an inch of precipitation recorded through the first thirteen days of the month.

The last couple weeks of the month, we had mostly average temperatures during the week with a couple of isolated days of warmer temperatures, but the main point is the weekends were cold and windy for the last three weekends of the month. There were also a couple of rain chances, with some storms and severe weather on April 19, and some showers lasting into April 20, and also a more steady rain on April 28.

Sioux City finished the month with only about a third of the precipitation we should see with only about 1.25″, when we should see 3.86″. The snow was approximately half of what we should see, where we should see about 2.3″ and saw 1.2″. Then, despite the same amount of days with above and below average temperatures, the above average temperatures were more extreme, putting the high temperatures at 63.7° for the month, when it should be an average of about 61.1°. Since it was very dry though, that meant lots of clearer nights, getting the temperatures slightly cooler than average at 35.8°, when it should be at around 36.7°.