SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — With warmer temperatures comes the return of rain and storms in Siouxland as we’ve entered springtime.

There will be slim chances for some severe storms through the late evening hours of Thursday with the passage of a low system in Siouxland.

Siouxland will see a warm front pass through the area early on Thursday with warm air advection aiding in raising temperatures higher for the area as well as bringing more moisture into the atmosphere also. The severe potential on Thursday is marginal and concentrated to the west in NE Nebraska and SE South Dakota. The main concern with this system is hail as winds strengthen for the area reaching up to 40 mph on Thursday.

Friday shows the low pressure system continuing to move east as Siouxland settles behind the cold front, so cooler conditions will transition from rain showers to more snow with accumulation under an inch for most of us and surface temperatures that will make it hard to accumulate at first. With the passage of that system to the east, we’ve seen increasing potential for severe level winds, hail, and increasing tornado possibilities in the midwest.

Friday Severe Potential

Winds will be even stronger after the cold front, as gusts could potentially reach up to 50 mph. There will be more chances for severe weather through the afternoon and evening ahead of its passage to the east on Friday. This Is concentrated in central and eastern Iowa which enhanced severe thunderstorm chances through there and extending along the Missouri River valley.

It could be our first severe storms of the year in Siouxland.

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