Severe Weather Awareness Week: Flash Flooding

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River flooding is a pretty common occurrence during the springtime in Siouxland, but river flooding and flash flooding happen in different ways and can pose different threats.

Flash flooding is due to heavy rainfall that pools up in low-lying areas and roadways. You’ll see Flash Flood Warnings issued during the spring & summer when heavy rain producing thunderstorms develop over a small area quickly.

It’s most important to never drive through flooded roads! Always remember the phrase – Turn Around Don’t Drown – if you come across a situation where deep water has collected on top of the roadway. It just takes 1 foot of water to float a car and 2 feet of moving water is capable of lifting bigger trucks & SUVs. Flash flooding is the #1 most deadly severe weather element. Seek alternative routes to get where you need to go if water is covering up the road.

It’s also important to respect barriers put up in front of flooded out roads. Never drive around them! Even if it looks like the road is in decent shape, you can never be certain how the water has impacted the soil underneath the road. In some cases, the road may be washed out entirely. The road blockers or barriers are put up for your safety, so again – do your best to find a different path to get where you need to go.

To stay informed on changing weather conditions – tune into KCAU 9 News, download the KCAU 9 app, or use a NOAA Weather Radio for the latest updates.

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