Severe Weather Awareness Week: What Makes a Storm Severe?

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We’re kicking off Severe Weather Awareness Week on KCAU 9 with a review of what designates a thunderstorm as severe. A Severe Thunderstorm Warning is issued by the National Weather Service when it fits one of three criteria…

  1. The thunderstorm is capable of 1 inch sized hail or greater
  2. Wind speeds over 58 MPH are expected
  3. A tornado is either signaled on radar or verified by a spotter

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are put out because these elements can pose a hazard to life & property! You want to make sure to seek shelter right away in the interior of your home on the lowest level – preferably a basement. Stay away from windows to prevent being struck by debris or broken glass if the windows happen to break. Also, avoid contact with wired electrical equipment since that can increase your chances of being shocked by lightning.

During severe weather events, tune into KCAU 9 for the latest information. The KCAU 9 phone app and NOAA Weather Radios also serve as good tools to keep you updated.

Stay with KCAU 9 News for Severe Weather Awareness topics throughout the week!

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