Severe Weather Awareness Week: Lightning Safety

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Lightning is seen with every thunderstorm and is the second most deadly severe weather hazard behind flash flooding. The most important thing to remember with lightning is that when thunder roars, go indoors! It’s possibly for lightning to strike up to 10 miles away from its origin – or what’s sometimes called a “bolt from the blue.” You’re safest inside of a building, but a car can also serve as a decent alternative so long as the storm isn’t so strong that it damages the car. You want to wait at least 30 minutes from when you hear the last rumble of thunder until you go back outside.

If you’re stuck outside during recreational activities like golfing or fishing, you can still protect yourself in a few ways. Avoid tall objects like trees & poles and also stay off of hills or other elevated areas. Keep some distance from others in your vicinity to avoid having lightning chain from one person to another. If you’re on a boat, make an effort to get to shore or under a bridge. If that’s not possible, stay low inside the boat and wait for the storm to pass.

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