SIOUX CITY , IA(KCAU)- Morning showers and storms have been making their way across the region as we have had a few that reached severe weather criteria of 1 inch size hail and gusts up to 58 mph. With these storms so far, rain has been concentrated as showers have not been as wide spread, but we still have a few more chances through the morning. Temperatures will be cooler today thanks the showers and the shift to northern airflow. A little breezy for the day with winds over 10 mph and gusts expected over 25 mph.

Today will be one of the only cooler days for awhile as we expect to setup a ridge in the jet stream over the area, which will keep us warm. we see rising temperatures tomorrow we get back to the 90’s in short order. So expect sunny conditions and hot temps to last for awhile.

We’ll hope to get some more showers over the morning today to help keep chipping away at the droguht conditions.