SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Tomorrow is Election Day and even with the chance of some showers in the forecast, we likely won’t be breaking any records, but we sure have had Election Days that have had some crazy weather.

Some of the records for Election Day aren’t quite as extreme as other holidays, as we only have Election Day every other year. On our last presidential election in 2020, Sioux City had completely sunny skies with record high temperatures also being set. In 2020, Sioux City had a record high of 79°, but due to clear skies, the morning was much closer to average getting down to 32°.

Election Day Weather History

Our warmest low was 58° set in 1918, and our coldest high is 24° set in 1936. Both of these types of temperatures are possible in the forecast, but not on Election Day.

We haven’t had very much rain on Election Day with 0.38″ occurring in 1916. There is a small chance we could break that record tomorrow, but most likely not, as getting a tenth of an inch is much more likely. We also got over 3″ of snow in 1990.

It will also be a bit breezy on Tuesday. The windiest was in the 2012 election where we got to 29 mph sustained winds. It probably won’t get to that extent but if we get a few stronger wind reports, it is certainly possible.