SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — We will start off with some sunshine and even some patches of fog early, but the clouds will increase from north to south with Siouxland starting to see the cloud cover around lunchttime today. Then we will see a chance of some showers and even an isolated thunderstorm. The more north and east you are in our viewing area, the more rain you will likely see, keeping the temperatures in that area cooler. The more south and west you are, the more sunshine and warmer you will get today.

We will see those showers continue into Saturday morning for a few areas, mainly for our eastern communities but then most of us should break into atleast partial sunshine for the afternoon as temperatures climb close to 80°.

For the second half of the weekend and first half of next week, we will return to lots of sunshine, mainly comfortable humidity values, as temperatures around or slightly above average in the mid-80s and lows in the upper-50s and low-60s for much of the next week.

We start to see those clouds increase as we see sunshine start to fade on Thursday, with temperatures remaining in the mid-80s. For the end of next week and start of the weekend we will see some showers and storms return to the area as temperatures start to drop into the low-80s for highs and lows remain in the low-60s.