SIOUX CITY, IA (KCAU)- Calmer winds to start the week as clouds persist in the area. Clouds will be sticking around all day as showers move in later on today lasting for part of the evening. with the clouds and showers, we’ll be having a cooler day with temperatures that start in the 30’s and 40’s expecting only to reach to the low 50’s in some places. Winds remain calmer for much of the area.

Rain looks to be light for most of the afternoon with chances to see moderate rainfall for a few hours. Much of it is focused in southern portions of Siouxland with accumulation expected between a tenth and three quarters of an inch. beginning to dry out through tomorrow morning.

Warmer weather through the day tomorrow as we see more sunshine. The bad news is that clear skies won’t last all week as we see more clouds and chances for showers as well.