Siouxland Forecast: January 15, 2021


Good morning and happy Friday Siouxland. We are at the end of the week and it’s been a crazy end to the week.

Road conditions are Siouxland from falling and blowing snow are ranging from partially covered to completely covered. They are also very slick with ice under the snow, if you have to travel it is advised to slow down, take your time, and provide extra space between you and the vehicles around you.

We are still looking at blizzard conditions today, a seasonal but dry weekend, and flurries possible on Monday.

A majority of Siouxland has been included in the blizzard warning that will remain in effect until 6 pm tonight.

Temperatures are on the chilly side between the mid 20s and low 30s, but due to the strong winds in the area we are seeing wind chill values in the single digits to the mid teens.

Winds are still strong from the northwest mainly between 20 and 35 mph but gusts are much stronger ranging between 30 and 50 mph.

Satellite and radar imagery shows that we had light snow through the overnight hours but around 1 this morning we started to see the snow showers intensify and stretch across Siouxland.

With the falling and blowing snow, visibility around Siouxland is ranging from a quarter of a mile up to 10 miles in far western Siouxland.

And today we are looking at a high of 30 with blizzard conditions.

Be sure to tune into KCAU 9 News this morning between 5 and 7 for all your winter weather updates!

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