The Flood of 2011: A Decade of Change

Flood 2011

SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – Almost 10 years ago, a massive flood devastated Siouxland, flooding homes and fields.

The flooding of 2011 affected Siouxlanders up and down the Missiouri River, eventually becoming the worst flooding event in half a century.

Listen to some who were swallowed up by mother nature, while also finding out how they are doing today. The special will also look at what precautions are in place today should a similar situation arise.

You can watch “The Flood of 2011: A Decade of Change” above.

You can view the individual stories featured on Tuesday’s special below.

‘A surreal six weeks’: Recapping the 2011 flood — Tim Seaman

Army Corps of Engineers: Managing the flood of 2011 — Sophie Erber

Victims of 2011 flood look back on disaster — Lydia Vazquez

During 2011 floods, community rallied together to support one another — Mallory Smith

‘We’re as well prepared as you can be’: 2011 flood gave Sioux City officials blueprint to follow — Hannah Adamson

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