SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — As we head into the middle part of the month of October, colors have really started to pop out on trees and foliage across the area. And according to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), peak fall colors are imminent in the next week or so!

The latest weekly update (10/9/2023) from the DNR reports that in north central and northwest Iowa, a several types of trees and foliage, including: sumac, dogwoods, Virginia creeper and poison ivy are now showing red. In addition, they report hard maples are showing more orange, as well as, a bit of red, however fall colors in those have not peaked just yet.

Hackberry, cottonwood, and walnut are also showing off their colors at this time, in hues of yellow.

Peak of fall colors is expected across northwest Iowa within the next few weeks.

Colors have begun to change in southeast South Dakota and northeast Nebraska as well, with expected peak there between mid/late October.


This past Saturday, September 23rd, marked the first day of Fall in the northern hemisphere, including right here in Siouxland! If you’ve been out and about, you’ve probably noticed at least a few trees with their leaves beginning to change color.

In the latest updates from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR), many areas throughout Iowa are beginning to see the first hints of those fall colors in various types of foliage.

In north central and northwest Iowa, as of Monday, September 25th, some buckeyes are starting to turn red, particularly in north central Iowa. Hard maples here in northwest Iowa have also begun to show their fall colors, with the Iowa DNR reporting those starting to turn shades of yellow and orange. In addition, walnut and cottonwood are turning yellow and both poison ivy and Virginia creeper vines are turning red.

Elsewhere, in west-central Iowa, fall color is already reportedly about a week ahead of 2022 with some shrubs and trees on drier sloping areas starting to turn an fall prairie flowers already in bloom.

The Iowa DNR has estimated peak fall foliage and fall colors should be underway my early to mid October, from around October 8th through October 14th.

Peak fall color in northeast Nebraska and Southeast South Dakota is also expected by mid-October.

For the latest updates on fall colors in Iowa, you can visit the Iowa DNR’s website at:,south%20you%20go%20in%20Iowa.