SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Keep your eyes on the sky tonight when a rare blue supermoon will be on full display!

Moonrise occurs at 8:18 PM Wednesday evening and it shouldn’t take long to notice our second full moon in August. The moon will be at its closest orbit point to Earth also referred to as perigee which will result in it appearing slightly larger than normal. However, despite its name, the moon will not be blue though it will appear brighter than normal. A slight orange or red tinge may be detectable since we continue to deal with a small quantity of wildfire smoke in the region.

Fortunately, weather conditions look optimal for viewing the blue supermoon, with clear skies expected and temperatures falling back near 60° overnight. Definitely shaping up to be a great night to get outside and have a look! Just take a look out to the east after sunset. And if you see a bright light near the moon, you’re seeing the planet Saturn, says.

After this occurrence, 4 full moons remain in 2023 with the next taking place on September 29th. The final three after that will happen on October 28th, November 27th, and the final full moon of 2023 will occur on December 26th.

If you snap pictures of the blue supermoon, make sure to send those our way! We’d love to share them on social media and on-air.