SIOUX CITY , IA(KCAU)- Though we still see clouds moving through the area, don’t expect them to stick around too long. We’ll get clearer shortly and las that way through the rest of the day as temperatures gradually rise to seasonal levels. Helping keep us cool will be northern breezes as they range from 5 to 15 mph. Get out and Enjoy the nice afternoon as temperatures drop through the evening.

The next few days will keep pretty similar sky coverage. Skies will continue to be clear over the next few days. What won’t be similar is how the temperatures will rise again. We’ll go from the 80’s back to the 90’s by the midweek.

Sadly with the change in temps, we don’t really see a change in rain chances. Temperatures will get warm as we remain clear for the week. Don’t expect rain during the week, as chances remain slim until the weekend.