SIOUX CITY, IA(KCAU)- Temperatures rising steadily again in Siouxland to put us back into the 90’s for most of the region. Winds have been steadily increasing from the south still leading to gusts up to 30 mph in Siouxland and sustained winds to 20 mph. This southern airflow has also brought in more moisture leading to slightly higher dew pints. This trend will continue through the evening as we see clouds rolling in.

Thanks to the cloud coverage through the evening, temperatures will stay warm overnight into tomorrow morning. So Overnight lows are expected to remain in the 70’s for the area. We’ve also already had heat advisories issued for central and southern parts that will go into effect at noon tomorrow. This is due to high humidity we will have and the rise in temperatures again that gets us into 90’s for yet another day.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel as we see a cold front developing off the Rockies. It’ll take a bit to get into the region, as we don’t expect showers and storms to appear until the late afternoon hours extending through the evening and into Sunday. Thankfully it will start to feel like August after this.