SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU)- Starting the day with showers and storms in the region. This will continue through the daytime. Winds have so far been calm this morning but will increase through the afternoon with winds up to 15 mph and gusts that will reach up to 25 mph. Temperatures will struggle to rise during the day to only get us to upper 60’s and some low 70’s.

Over the day today and into tomorrow morning showers will be present in the area. Rainfall accumulation will range from a quarter of an inch to close to a inch in areas of central and eastern Siouxland that see more consistent rain. Cloud coverage will stick around with those showers.

After today we do start to see temperatures that get back to the 80’s but that’s as warm as it gets for the region as we have more consistent and seasonal temperatures. Once the showers exit the region tomorrow, the clouds will exit in short order with sunnier conditions for a few days before more rain chances appear towards the end of the week. Enjoy the cooler weather.