SIOUX CITY, IA(KCAU)- With calmer winds and more moisture in parts of Siouxland, we’ve been able to see some dense fog develop in the area. This has led to a dense fog advisory to be issued for western Iowa and will be in effect until 9 AM this morning. We also start the morning with temperatures in the 30’s for most of the region but we get warmer weather. Highs for the will reach up to the 60’s and 70’s, along with the sunshine we expect once the fog clears will lead to a great day.

Winds will also be substantially calmer as well, no longer exhibiting 30 mph and under 15 mph for a change will be nice. Through the evening a different picture as showers and potential storms develop in the area thanks to a low pressure system forming of the Rockies. A potential for severe weather through tomorrow morning with a concern with those storms being large hail potentially developing. Clouds will keep us warm overnight as we start to see breezy conditions again.

Though we see showers, temperatures will be even warmer over the next few days with a few dry periods between the bouts of rain.