SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Strong winds will be present in the area as they increase through the day Wednesday.

Wednesday starts off with winds around 10 mph from the south. This is going to help temperatures rise through the day, as we expect highs in the low 60’s for the area. Winds are expected to increase to over 20 mph by noon and over 30 mph in the evening.

Wind gusts will range from 30 mph in the afternoon and reach above 50 mph by the evening.

The rise in wind gusts will be a concern with the potential for roll-overs with large vehicles such as semis and damage to trees or powerlines.

A high wind warning will be in effect from 12 p.m. Wednesday until Thursday at 12 a.m.

Showers in the afternoon with a slim chance to see severe weather as well, but the winds are the most concerning for the area.

Meteorologist Victor Perez reminds Siouxlanders to try and stay safe during high volumes of wind.