SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Drought conditions see slight improvement from a couple weeks ago in a few areas due to a couple recent rounds of rain. However, it has still been exceptionally dry across much of Siouxland with below average precipitation and above average temperatures for much of the year so far. We should have around 20 inches for the year thus far in Sioux City, but we have only received just over 11 inches so far.

Some areas still remain in extreme drought for parts of Siouxland, with some areas near the Missouri River between Knox and Bon Homme to Woodbury County see a downgrade from Extreme Drought to Severe Drought, shown by the Thursday update from the U.S. Drought Monitor. Most areas across the rest of Siouxland so no change in the drought update.

Northern parts of Sioux City, including at the KCAU 9 studio, have seen more in the way of rain the last couple of weeks, compared to the airport. On August 15, the airport saw just under 1.95″ of rainfall, whereas the KCAU 9 studio saw about 2.3″ of rainfall. Other parts of the viewing area saw very little to no rainfall from this particular system. On August 19, the airport saw .62″ of rainfall, whereas the airport only saw .03″. Other than those couple of systems, there wasn’t really any significant amounts of rain for Sioux City and surrounding areas.

We have a system that could affect our southern and eastern parts of Siouxland could see some rain Saturday afternoon and evening, possibly lasting into Sunday morning, there really isn’t much rain in the forecast.

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