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During these four weeks of our Stuff the Stroller Drive, we’ve been sharing more about who the Crittenton Center is and how they serve our community. Here’s another look at a few of the programs your Stuff the Stroller donations support.

As a young mom, Janelle was referred to the Crittenton Center’s HOPES program by a nurse at the hospital where she delivered her second daughter. HOPES stands for ‘Healthy Opportunities for Parents to Experience Success.’  During their weekly visits, Melody and Janelle go over everything from coping skills to baby care.

Melody Boerjan, Crittenton Center says, “We’ll go over some assessments to make sure she’s on track with the fine motor skills and the gross motor skills.”

Janelle Winners says, “I was kind of like, ‘yeah,’ because I could use all the help [I can get], because even though she’s my second, it’s still nice to have someone to talk to to ask questions, like, ‘is she doing okay?'”

While the HOPES program is made up of in-home visits, Crittenton’s Stella Sanford Child Development programs care for and teach some of the littlest Siouxlanders at three different sites.

The West High Infant Center, the preschools at Liberty Elementary, and the Stella Sanford Childcare. 
Most, but not all, of the children come from working low income families and the Crittenton Center works to make child care affordable for every parent so they can stay in the workforce.

Jessica Perez says, “My kids seems to learn a lot here and it’s carried on to school and now they’re straight ‘A’ students and are doing really well,” Jessica says.

No where do kids need more love and understanding than at the Crittenton Center’s Emergency Shelter.
It’s the only one of its kind in Northwest Iowa and serves about 400 children each year.
They come for a variety of reasons: abuse or neglect, family problems, parents who are arrested, or because their homes are red tagged.

The mission behind all the Crittenton Center’s programs is to empower families to lead quality and self-sufficient lives, whether that’s through an understanding ear or helping their children thrive. They’re truly ‘helping families shine.’

The Crittenton Center has been in Sioux City for more than 120 years.

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