SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU)- For most of his life, Kevin Negaard has rarely turned down a game of catch.

Now a board member for the Miracle League of Sioux City, Kevin aims to bring that same joy of baseball for people of all ages and abilities…but after reading Ethan Bryan’s book chronicling his journey of playing catch once a day, every day of 2018… it gave Kevin an idea.

“I came across the book and I’m like, man I don’t have anything planned for the next year and this is something I can do. I have a flexible job, my arm is still good, and so that really became the starting point.” Negaard said.

On January 18th, Kevin took his first throw at Scheels Field, and the Wanna Have a Catch campaign was born.

Negaard has played catch here in Sioux City and has gone as far as Senegal with the goal of raising $100,000 for local Miracle League expansion.

“Working with people with disabilities when I was in elementary school, that quickly became a passion of mine.” Negaard added.

“Kevin and I have been really good friends for a long time and the vision that he has and the things that he wants to do and the people that he’s been able to meet have just been an amazing experience. When he called I was like, I would love to have that opportunity.” Morningside University Assistant Athletic Director Jessica Jones-Sitzmann.

Approaching day 262, Kevin is still looking forward with whoever and wherever his next catch will be.