NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KCAU) – The United Sports Academy is known as a prime location for team training and local tournaments. That reputation would soar to new heights this weekend as the facility hosted 87 travel soccer clubs for the 2022 United Champions Cup, the largest ever soccer event in Siouxland.

Taking place from Friday to today’s championships, the Cup welcomed soccer squads from four separate states with 152 games on the docket, utilizing its two turf fields and four hardwood courts to accommodate the high numbers. Attracting more than double the amount of teams from last year, word has spread from Siouxland teams to top regional clubs, creating a large tournament experience for youth players to hone their skills on the pitch.

“It’s tremendously exciting,” United Sports Academy Director of Soccer Operations Armand Garcia said. “I hope we can grow to where we can have two separate weekends because the max we can is, I mean we have 87 so we went past our cap, so I hope we can have a boys weekend and a girls weekend maybe next year. Both weekends have that same amount of teams… There’s been nothing but positive feedback from both families, coaches, and the players themselves.”