Top Cherokee Braves’ Fan Kenny Bern’s legacy lives on in his community


Kenny Bern Field in Cherokee was dedicated to the man that has been a part of Iowa Sports for almost 70 years.

“Kenny made an impact in my life, and made an impact in the lives of everyone in here,” said Jason Farver, a Cherokee resident.

And when they dedicated that field to him, in June of 2019, Kenny couldn’t be happier.

“He goes, quote ‘I’m the proudest man up here. I’ll probably sleep good tonight. I wouldn’t give this up for nothing. I can’t believe how my life has went,” said Cherokee Resident Todd Benson, reading from Kenny’s statement.

Kenny was honored Monday afternoon at the Little Sioux Event Center, where a small group gathered to remember the life of the man who was so integral to sports in Cherokee.

“We all know Kenny was a fathful Braves fan right? Esepcially with basektball,” said Farver. “I would see Kenny show up for the JV game. He was the first one there before the JV game and he was the last one to leave after the varsity game.”

“Kenny took us to every away basketball game, we went to weekend wrestling tournaments, we went to college basketball games, for a few years we got to live the life of Kenny,” Benson said.

Kenny was more than a great fan, he was a great person. He had a saying: “One thing in this world that doesn’t cost a dime: that’s being nice.”

“We do need more Kenny Berns out here,” said Benson. “He did bend over backwards for people.”

“You know the first thing people told me about Kenny: he loved people,” Farver said. “He loved everyone around him. He cared deeply for people. Kenny had a hug for all of us. We heard that one many times. A wonderful man who loved people so well. He’s one: Kenny had a word of encouragement for every athlete.”

And although Kenny is no longer with us, his spirit and legacy will always live on in the sports and the people of Cherokee.

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