SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — Sunday was a day many football fans have been looking forward to for some time, including some students at Briar Cliff.

While we may already know the result of the Big Game face-off between the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles, last night some students at Briar Cliff, even some of those with families locally, decided to take in the game with their college family at the university’s cafe.

“We’re just gonna stay close. Meet a lot of friends and I think it’s gonna be more enjoyable to just watch with my friends this year,” said Trey Jungers.

“Once you come to college, your friends and your teammates become your family and Briar Cliff, it just feels like a big family circle here,” said Caleb Folkens.

To make things more festive for the students, they were treated to some Big Game far like wings and sandwiches.