SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – When you hear Ben Steeves’ name ringing throughout the Tyson, scoring tends to follow.

And with his father a former player in the Western Hockey League, along with his brothers Matt and current Toronto Maple Leaf Alex skating in Notre Dame threads, Ben didn’t have to look far for an introduction to the sport.

“Kinda just following in my brother’s footsteps,” Muskie forward Ben Steeves said. “I picked up the stick and would even roller blade a little bit. Was definitely a blessing being able to be competitive with my brothers and it really drove me to be as successful as possible.”

Not only did his brothers set the mold for Ben’s start in the game, but for the Musketeers as well, with each repping Muskie jerseys during a span of the 2015-16 season. A legacy that Ben now gets to continue as his siblings follow his journey.

“It is cool being able to get texts from my brother Alex being like, ‘good luck tonight’ and just little encouragements because I know he’s watching from afar,” Steeves said. “We’re just really supportive of each other.”

That support has trickled into success for Steeves. His first full year in Sioux City, Ben led the team in goals by a wide margin with 39 during the regular season, netting the most by a Muskie since 1999. And as he stays atop the goal charts in the playoffs, both players and personnel embrace his contagious personality on and off the ice.

“Steeves is a winner,” Muskie head coach Luke Strand said. “I think he goes about his way of making sure he’s ready. He’s got a very unique way about his game. You won’t find a more convicted, competitive guy than him.”

“We all love him in the locker room and he keeps the energy up for sure in the locker room, keeps it a little spicy in there,” Muskie forward Tabor Heaslip said. “When it’s time to go to work, he knows it’s time to go to work. He’s one of those guys pushing everybody to get better every day.”

Committing to Minnesota Duluth for his college career, it’s clear that Ben is writing his own story. But there’s a perfect ending in sight, battling for the Muskies’ first Clark Cup in 20 years while holding up the Steeves name as one of the best to come through Siouxland.

“We just really wanna win, have that desire to win, and when you have that desire to win and you have that support from your teammates the confidence rolls through and you just got to keep going.,” Steeves said.