SPENCER, IOWA (KCAU) – “We always have to do stuff for the boys, and today it’s just all about the girls,” Spencer girls wrestling sophomore Olivia Huckfelt said.

In what was once a male dominated sport, women’s wrestling has been one of the fastest growing sports in the country over the last decade. While it’s not yet sanctioned in Iowa, communities like Spencer have really taken to the sport, hosting their first dual in program history last Monday.

“Girls wrestling is a really big thing here in Spencer, Iowa,” Spencer parent Tiffany Roth said. “There’s a lot of girls that tried it at a young age when it was just a boy’s sport and now they’re giving a chance for the girls to have their own teams.”

“This is everything, I mean this is just one of another event that’s going to put girls wrestling on the map,” Laurens resident Tim Griffin said.

This is the 22nd season the Tigers have had a girls wrestling team, all of which have been led by head coach Dave Storm. Back when they started in 2000, Spencer was one of just two girls wrestling programs in the state, and in their first ever home dual last week, the Tigers made sure to honor that 2000 squad who started it all.

“To see how much it’s grown since then is great,” Spencer girls wresting head coach Dave Storm said. “I’m super excited about our program here, I know our girls are excited about the program. I think the state seeing this… it’s gonna be a big deal.”

Spencer placed 4th at the IWCOA girls wrestling state tournament last year with 8 girls. This year, they’re wrestling with 15, and with the roster numbers rising, so has the push for the sport to be sanctioned in Iowa.

“It’s really gonna open people’s eyes,” Spencer girls wrestling senior Morgan Griffin said. “More teams, more schools are gonna try and get teams like this and stuff, like it’s really good knowing that we’re a part of it.”

“I hope next year, or my senior year it gets sanctioned because… it needs to happen,” Huckfelt said.

And Spencer certainly made their case in their dual, dominating Dallas-Center Grimes from start to finish with a first period pin from Olivia Huckfelt to seal their 84-9 victory. A historic win that surely let the girls’ voices be heard.

“This is huge for us girls,” Spencer girls wrestling junior Leila Kollasch said. “We’ve been waiting forever to like finally have a home meet where everyone can join and enjoy it.”

“Girls wrestling is here to stay and we want to be a part of that,” Storm said.