LOS ANGELES, CA (KCAU) — After going undrafted in the 2020 NFL Draft, Christian Rozeboom found his first NFL home with the L.A. Rams, spending the entire season on their practice squad, but didn’t get to play in a regular season game. He was cut following the preseason, and ended up signing with the Kansas City Chiefs on September 1st. But it wasn’t until two weeks ago that he finally got to play in a regular season game, against the Tennessee Titans.

“It was the first game,” said Christian. “I was obviously super excited, and a lot of family there. Also to have something in the stat book, is pretty cool.”

Rozeboom played the Chiefs’ kickoff team versus the Titans, registering one tackle, before returning to Kansas City’s practice squad. However just a week later, he got a call that the Rams, who were in the market for linebacker help, were interested in bringing the former Sioux Center standout back ASAP.

“I flew in on our off day, on the Rams’ off day and then the next day I had some onboarding stuff, and practicing that next day, and playing on Sunday,” said Rozeboom. “So it was a quick turnaround.”

When Christian signed with K.C., he and his wife Rylie hoped that he’d eventually be a part of their 53-man roster, and could have a long career in red and gold. So imagine their surprise shortly after him playing in his first official game, that they’d be heading back to L.A., just months after moving away.

“She had just started a new job in Kansas City,” said Rozeboom. “So she had to kind of let them know what was going on. And they knew the situation beforehand, which was good. So she’ll get out here as soon as she can. We’ll have to pack up our house in Kansas City.”

That’s part of the whirlwind of professional sports. The constant moving, the expectation to perform at a moment’s notice, it’s a lot for anyone to endure. It’s especially hard for players like Christian, who’s spot is never guaranteed, meaning he can’t afford a bad day without fear of the team moving on. It’s a pressure that he certainly understands, but won’t let control him.

“I think I had that mindset going in,” said Rozeboom. “Not that I think you get what you deserve, or anything like that, but you’ve just got to go in, and do what you can. You’ve really got to look inward, see what you can do, and the rest of it you just have to accept. It’s not a super glamorous lifestyle, but that’s okay with me. I don’t need that. I’m just thankful for whatever opportunity, and whatever’s presented to me.”

It’s that exact struggle that make moments like this past Sunday mean more for Rozeboom, who after a season of practicing every day, without making the Rams’ gameday roster, finally got to play for LA in a regular season game, as he ironically, played Tennessee for the second time in three weeks.

“I kept my jersey, just because that will be my first Rams game ever,” said Rozeboom. “So we’ll hang that in the basement some day. But yeah, it was special. My family came down, my wife came down, so that was special, that was cool for them to be there. Yeah it was something I’ll always remember for sure.”