GREEN BAY, Wis. – After beating the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers are as close to a spot in the 2023 NFC playoffs as a top-five pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Here is how Sunday’s outcomes impacted the Packers in both races.

Packers in 2024 NFL Draft Order

With their second consecutive home victory, the Packers improved their record to 4-6 but dropped from No. 6 to No. 9. With seven teams with four wins, the draft standings are incredibly fluid.

The good news: The New York Giants shocked the Washington Commanders. The Giants are 3-8 and moved from No. 4 to No. 5. They’ll host the Packers next month. The Los Angeles Rams (vs. Seattle) and Denver Broncos (vs. Minnesota) scored victories. They were seventh and ninth, respectively, at this time last week.

The bad news: It’s not just that the Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears lost, it’s how they lost.

The Bears (3-8) were rolling 26-14 at Detroit on Cairo Santos’ field goal with 4:15 to go. The Lions scored two touchdowns and a safety in the next 4 minutes to win. The Bears moved from fifth to fourth. The Cardinals (2-9) got into Texans’ territory three times in the fourth quarter but couldn’t punch it into the end zone. They remain second.

The Tennessee Titans (3-7) were blasted by Jacksonville and moved from eighth to sixth.

Here are the Top 10 teams via Tankathon.

1. Chicago (via Carolina Panthers, who are 1-9)

2. Arizona: 2-9

3. New England: 2-8

4. Chicago: 3-8

5. N.Y. Giants: 3-8

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6. Tennessee: 3-7

7. Washington: 4-7

8. Atlanta: 4-6

9. Green Bay: 4-6

10. Tampa Bay: 4-6

For the full first-round draft order, visit Tankathon.

Packers in 2023 NFC Playoff Standings

What a difference a win can make. The Packers zoomed all the way from 11th to eighth in the NFC playoff standings. With the Vikings losing on Sunday night in Denver, the Packers are only a game-and-a-half out of the final playoff spot.

The good news: Not only did the Vikings fall, but the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Los Angeles Rams, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the San Francisco 49ers and the Washington Commanders lost to the New York Giants. A week ago, Seattle was fifth, Minnesota was seventh, Tampa Bay was eighth and Washington was ninth. Now, Seattle is sixth (but still two games ahead), Minnesota is seventh, Tampa Bay is 10th and Washington is 12th.

Record-wise, Green Bay is tied with the Rams, who they’ve beaten, and the Buccaneers, who they host next month. They’ll play at Minnesota on New Year’s Eve.

The bad news: None. This really was a perfect week for the Packers.

Here are the NFC playoff standings, via the NFL.

1. Philadelphia: 8-1 (first, NFC East; vs. Chiefs on Monday night)

2. Detroit: 8-2 (first, NFC North)

3. San Francisco: 7-3 (first, NFC West)

4. New Orleans: 5-5 (first, NFC South)

5. Dallas: 7-3 (second, NFC East)

6. Seattle: 6-4 (second, NFC West)

7. Minnesota: 6-5 (second, NFC North)


8. Green Bay: 4-6 (third, NFC North)

9. L.A. Rams: 4-6 (third, NFC West)

10. Atlanta: 4-6 (second, NFC South)

11. Tampa Bay: 4-6 (third, NFC South)

12. Washington: 4-7 (third, NFC East)

13. N.Y. Giants: 3-8 (last, NFC East)

14. Chicago: 3-8 (last, NFC North)

15. Arizona: 2-9 (last, NFC West)

16. Carolina: 1-9 (last, NFC South)

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