SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) — The Sioux City Explorers baseball franchise is getting renewed support in its bid to retain a lease at Lewis and Clark Park. 

At its regular monthly meeting on Wednesday, members of the Sioux City Parks and Recreation advisory committee voted 6-0 to support the recommendation of a selection committee established by the city to accept the Sioux City Explorers’ proposal to remain as sole tenants of the Baseball stadium. 

Lewis and Clark Park has been home to the team since the stadium opened in 1993. 

Members of the city council will ultimately decide who the next tenant of the park is. 

The city received just 2 proposals.  One from the Explorers’ organization and 

Another from an amateur summer wooden bat league known as the Northwood’s league. 

“We knew what the explorers had provided, and they had done a fantastic job of the years so that was, it made it relatively easy. The financial differences were obvious to everyone on the proposal so they both had a nice, there was a lot of discussion both ways but kind of kept circling back to we know what the explorers have done,” Park and Recreation Board Member Joe Krage said.  

That special committee selected to review both proposals was made by Krage, City Treasurer Teresa Fitch, Tyson General Manager Nick Palmiotti, Dustin Cooper from The Arena, and Ward Franz with Explore Sioux City.  

The proposal from the explorers would have them pay $100,000 a year for 12 years along with continued investment into the park’s infrastructure and amenities. It also includes 15 days of non-tenant use of the park. 

The Northwoods League’s proposal offers the city $25,000 annually with a 3% increase for 10 years plus $500,000 dollars in capital improvements. There would be 10 non-tenant days of use at the park. 

We’ve reached out to both parties. The Sioux City Explorers declined to comment while we have yet to hear back from the Northwoods League.