SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – The Sioux City Musketeers hosted a special event for its organization as both current and former players, coaches, and staff members received their Clark Cup Championship rings.

The championship-winning Musketeers on this season’s roster had the opportunity to see their rings for the first time while reconnecting with former Musketeers via Zoom. The rings have many details, including the signature tri-state logo on the front as well as the 50th anniversary logo on the side.

Also, there are minor markings with major meanings. For instance, the rings have four emeralds to signify the amount of Clark Cup Championships the Musketeers have won alongside the word “Siouxland”. Both past and present players highlighted how special the experience was while celebrating it with their Musketeer family.

“Seeing the guys who have moved on to college or other teams was really special. Obviously, haven’t seen a whole lot of them. We still keep in touch through our group chat. But, to see them on the Zoom celebrating our rings and our championship was awesome,” Sioux City captain Grant Slukynsky said.

“I think it’s something that’s continuing to grow. Obviously, we’re together forever. But, I think it’s the appreciation we have for each other and what we accomplished grows with time and I think that some guys are super young and most of us were young when we won it. I just think our appreciation and understanding of what we accomplished, who we did it with, and how we did it is just growing over time,” former Musketeer and current UNO Maverick Griffin Ludtke added.