Royals fan helps prospect Tillo add to his collection of rare rookie cards


A baseball card that’s 1 of 1, is exactly what it sounds like, there’s only one in existence. And if that card is of you, you’d want it, right? That’s what Daniel Tillo faced recently, getting his hands on his own 1 of 1.

“I saw [the gold card] on eBay in the fall and I was looking at it and I was thinking it was little too much for me to spend on a card,” Daniel said. “But then, once I got down to Arizona [for spring training] I went to Phoenix Sports Cards and the guy was like ‘Hey, your gold 1 of 1 is here. And that’s a pretty good deal for a 1 of 1, super refractor’ And he said ‘if I were you I’d do it.’ So he really talked me into it.”

And after snagging such a rare card, Daniel did what anyone would do after a great get: he posted it on Twitter. Not long after, another collector, and a huge Royals fan, reached out to offer Daniel another 1 of 1. Terry Gardner of Chillicothe, Missouri had the shiny black version of the card Daniel just bought, and he wanted Daniel to have it.

“I simply just replied to his post that I had another one and I’d like him to have it, because I thought it was really cool that he was collecting his own stuff,” said Gardner. “Not a lot of guys do that. “

But Daniel didn’t want Terry to just give him the card, so they organized a trade.

“He was nice enough to give it to me for a signed baseball and then I told him that if I made it to the big leagues this year, I’d make sure he got tickets to a game,” Daniel said.

“I’m gonna hold him to it for sure,” Gardner said. “I told him we’re gonna be there when he has his home debut.”

It was well worth the trade, as that card gave Tillo the ninth of his twelve rookie Bowman cards for his collection, as he looks to complete the rainbow of cards.

“I’ve got the black 1 of 1, I’m missing the normal red base one, I’ve got the chrome red one, I’ve got both greens, I’ve got both oranges,” Daniel said.

Of the 12 cards, Daniel already has the two rarest with his most recent purchase and trade. Now the search is on for the final three, and who knows what kind of fans he may make to complete the set.

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