SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU)- The South Sioux City Cardinals have been working on constructing their new multi-million dollar athletic complex and those plans are officially coming to fruition as school officials say Phase One of the project is near completion.

The Cardinals’ multi-phase athletic facility is currently in the works and the South Sioux City Cardinals’ football team held their first practice on the field. As the project continues to progress and move closer to completion, South Sioux City Superintendent Todd Strom emphasized their dream of a new complex couldn’t have been turned to reality without the unwavering support of the Cardinals’ community and hopes that everyone will enjoy the completed complex.

“It is the community’s field and complex. The city has also been involved in some of the contributions and so we want to be able to host as many events as we can for all ages on this facility in the future. We want to be able to have youth sports, we want to have band activities, we want to be able to host school and community athletic events.” Strom said.

Image Courtesy: Lance Swanson