OABCIG’s high powered offense continues to impress under first year QB DeJean


The OABCIG offense is averaging nearly 52 points a game, with junior quarterbck Cooper DeJean throwing for over 1400 yards, while rushing for nearly 500, while racking up 31 touchdowns in only 6 games. That adds up to over 5 touchdowns per game from the electric signal caller.

“It feels great to have all these guys, and we got it rolling right now,” said DeJean. “Everybody’s having fun watching in the stands I’m sure. And I’m putting up a lot of points so it’s fun. “

“Cooper moved into that quarterback role this year and he adds a little bit more of the run option to it,” said Falcons head coach Larry Allen. “He does a tremendous job, he puts a lot of stress on the defense side-to-side on every play.”

DeJean is just a piece of the puzzle, only completing the picture with his other pieces: a strong offensive line and great receivers

“Cooper does everything,” said Falcons senior wide receiver Jake Nieman. “He makes plays every time he throws the ball. But someone’s gotta be there to catch it. So all four of us, five of us, whoever’s on the field, we’re always making plays trying to catch the ball. And all of our linemen are trying to hit hard and make sure no one tackles him.”

“They [the receivers] are great,” said DeJean. “If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have all these passing yards. And the linemen, if it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have time to throw and be able to run all over the place like I do.”

DeJean is averaging 12.6 yards per carry because of those lineman, and they love to watch him run.

“We really take pride in that because you don’t really get the glory as a lineman,” said Falcons senior offensive lineman Sam Devitt. “So we take pride in the fact that we have one of the best quarterbacks in the state in running and passing.”

The Falcons are the fifth best team in 2A based on the RPI, and if DeJean and the rest of his teammates can keep up their explosive production, the Falcons could find themselves in the playoffs for the second straight year.

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