SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) – “I told you and my brother told you, he’s going to deliver and he did,” 15th Round Boxing Promoter and trainer Evangelos Giovanis made clear.

We first introduced you to Deonte “Sleep” Walker back in late June, a few weeks before his first professional fight.

“He didn’t have a vast amateur background, we’re 7-0 and they’ll tell you that’s quick to turn someone pro. But again, we know what we have, we know where we’re at,” Evangelos stated.

The fight would happen on July 16th at the Sioux City Convention Center against Nico Hamilton who was also making his professional debut after going 7-1 as an amateur.

“My mind was really clear because I knew I put all the work in and now it was just time to execute everything that was leading up to that moment,” Professional boxer Deonte Walker said.

And that calm conscious was quite obvious just minutes before the fight.

There’s times that I literally call my brother into the room and am like you have to talk to this guy, tonight’s not going to go well. And every time that’s happened it didn’t go well… I knew it was good, he was in a great place. I was like this is going to be fun, tonight’s going to be a fun night,” Walker’s primary trainer George Giovanis said.

After two knock downs within the first two minutes, Walker would seal the deal just moments later with a left handed jab quicker than a blink of an eye.

“I’m going to be honest with you, I don’t remember much of it,” Walker said with a laugh.

“He has that God given power and he put it on display and that’s how you make fans,” Evangelos remarked.

How you make fans, and how you repay your coach.

“I say thank you all the time and my coach is like you know how to thank me and then after the fight I said I can say thank you now,” Walker exclaimed.

“And I finally said you’re welcome,” George responded.

“Yea, you finally said you’re welcome. I was like lets go,” Walker remembered with a huge smile.

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