Little League bat statue repaired In Williamsport

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WILLIAMSPORT, LYCOMING COUNTY(WBRE/WYOU-TV) – Normally public works of art are not in a situation where you have to worry about them being damaged.

However in Lycoming County, one statue continues to be vandalized over and over again.

One..two..three strikes you’re out.

That’s how many times this bat has been broken off and stolen from this statue.

“You would think they would have cameras by now, you know they have camera’s everywhere,” said Jamal Nesmith.

Well..that’s exactly what the Lycoming County Visitors Bureau did.

Along with getting the bat repaired early Thursday morning, additional cameras and motion sensor lights were also installed.

“In case something were to happen to it again, we’re able to make sure that we’re able to catch a very clear image now of the individual or individuals who would be doing something to it,” said Executive Director with the Lycoming County Visitor’s Bureau, Jason Fink.

The theft is something that people can’t quite put their finger on, on why people continuously vandalize this piece of art.

“Probably just because they’re bored, it’s a nice monument and you know people just like being destructive,” said Kalvin Sampson from Williamsport.

“I suppose because it’s easy to come off but I have no idea,” said Fran Mcjunkin from Muncy.

“It’s bronze they obviously get some money for it,” said Nesmith.

These past few months have been a hassle for visitors and officials.

“Unfortunately we haven’t been able to track them down you know the time of day that they’re doing it is actually very early in the morning,” said Fink.

“They keep taking the bat every time they replace it I mean it’s costing money it’s costing tax payers money,” said Nesmith.

Moving forward, the goal is to keep the crime off of Williamsport streets..especially on Market Square.

“It’s a reminder of what this town represents with the Little League,” said Sampson.

The two cameras that are installed each have a view of the entire intersection on market street as well as one that is solely focused on the bat statue.

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