SIOUX CITY, IOWA (KCAU) – Power skating and skills coach Robby Glantz has been around hockey for more than 30 years. Sharing his techniques with professionals overseas to NHL superstars like Sidney Crosby, the skating guru took his teachings to Sioux City this weekend for his Power Skating Clinic at the IBP Ice Center.

In cooperation with the Siouxland Youth Hockey Association, Jr. Musketeers and Sioux City Metros skaters hit the ice to listen and learn from the Los Angeles Kings’ power skating coach. Ranging from resistance training leashes to skating posture to breakaway speed work, Glantz’s drills are designed to generate explosive skating and help players get to the puck quicker for better chances at success.

Juggling his coaching while serving as the skating and skills expert for the NHL Network, Glantz continues to go across the country with his clinic. Creating a experience that players of all ages agree is one of one.

“I did other camps that had to do with power skating but that was the best one that I’ve ever done,” Jr. Musketeer Theo Schulte said.

“I think it’s pretty cool,” Sioux City Metro winger Corbin Heckens said. “We have a professional coach with us, teaching us how to do stuff and it’s cool to be in the presence of him. It seems like he loves this game. He’s so happy and energetic with us.”

“I try to teach with that kind of passion for 33 years,” power skating and skills coach Robby Glantz said. “I wish I’d had someone like myself, a skills coach and a skating coach, that could show me the proper technique so I could advance farther than I did and I always take that to the rink. We’ll be back here the same time the last weekend of September next year in 2024 and we hope to see all you hockey players out here.”

The remaining sites for the Power Skating Clinic can be found here.